Word from Leader

Welcome to the Himalayas We take this pleasure to introduce the wide range of adventures, for you to experience the feasting on the sheer grandeur of Nature of Nepal – Himalayas. Trips can give you a perfect insight of what a properly organized adventure in Nepal encounters. A tailor-made program can also be prepared for those who seek more high adventures to match their time taste. This is much more is always available to the trekker in Nepal. The mystical beauty of Nepal and its traditions and charming people blend perfectly with the environment they are set in. Nothing else will allow you to experience this than an organized adventure trip with AMTREK (Annapurna Mountaineering & Trekking) , which has been a pioneer in operating adventures in the kingdom of Nepal. We would like to welcome you all to be a part of this well organized, adventure, pleasure and excitement of an authentic trek. So give yourself a break and get trekked with the professionals.

Thanking you.

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