Welcome to the Himalayas

Welcome to the Himalayas   

AMTREK is pleased to have this opportunity to take you on an adventure tour in the land of Nepal.   Trips with the support of our team will help you to see what a properly organized adventure tour in our country looks like. We also provide the option, for those of you who like to "do your own thing", to design a tailor-made program that matches yourtastes.

An adventure trek with us will help you to fullyexplore and discover the sheer grandeur of the nature of Nepal–the Himalayas–and the Himalayan traditions and charming communities.  AMTREK, which pioneers in arranging travel and tour expeditions in the country, would like to welcome you to be part of a well-organized and exciting adventure trip. Please give yourself a break and come visit Nepal through AMTREK for an adventure of a lifetime.

Thank you.

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