Trekking in Tibet

For centuries, Tibet has fascinated the mankind. This land beyond the mighty Himalayas on the highest plateau of the world, was hardly accessible to the outside world and has always been a challenge to all human beings.

This “land of mysteries”, a “forbidden land”, forbidden not only by man but also by nature, appealed to many explorers, scholars, pilgrims and adventurers in the past.  All hoped to find real “Shangrila” in Tibet.  In the past, LHASA, the capital and center of Tibetan culture, religion and Lama Theology, was so distant that the journey there from any destination was almost impossible.  Only the person with the strongest will, motive and curiosity was able to penetrate the holy city.  Now fortunately there are many doors of opportunities available to visit the “Forbidden Land” of Tibet.

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Ganden Samye Trek

Ganden Samye Trek

Duration: 13 Days

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