Paragliding has been a burgeoning adventure in Nepal lately. We organize this real adventure in Pokhara which is the place to hurl yourself off a cliff and glide in majestic silence above the Himalaya, either on a tandem paragliding flight or solo after a multiday course. 

A summer sky filled with fluffy cumulus clouds provides abundant - but invisible - lifting currents which pilots use to gain altitude. Setting off from Sarangkot (1592m altitude) on such a day, either towards a pre-selected goal or just drifting where the wind will take you, is one of the most impressive to experience a real bonus being in Himalayan country Nepal. You can experience unparalleled scenic grandeur as you share airspace with Himalayan griffin vultures, eagles, kites while floating over villages, monasteries, temples, lakes and jungles with a breathtaking view of the mighty Himalayas. Most pilots will talk of the sense of privilege they feel when drifting from cloud to cloud, in almost total silence, watching the landscape unfold beneath them as they navigate across the sky. Moreover, most pilots take advantage of the potentials of gliding far afield in upland Nepal. 

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Sarangkot Paragliding

Sarangkot Paragliding

Duration: 1 Day